Hey, I’m Sreejit.

Software Engineer based in India.

Yeah, I’m one of those folks who just sit in front of their machine, and build & break stuff.
(well, most of the times!)

About Me

Hello, my name is Sreejit De. I 'm a Software Engineer based in India, passionate about building things for the web. I love learning new technologies & getting my hands dirty playing around with them. I 'm sharing my journey & learnings on my tech blog regularly.Currently, I 'm working at HashedIn, collaborating on building intelligent cloud based products for a wide range of clients.I’m an avid sports fan - from Football to F1!
Sreejit De


Being a developer is to be always learning and evolving constantly. Currently while building things for the web, I’m working on and learning these technologies and trying to grasp a few others like Node JS, MongoDB etc.


  • The Next Read

    The Next Read

    The Next Read is an online book exchange platform for exchanging books among bibliophiles. One can list a book for sell/rent and rent/buy a book on and from the platform.

    • React
    • Firebase
    • Stripe Payments API
  • Covid Care

    Covid Care

    COVID-CARE is a website designed for tracking the COVID-19 pandemic data like deaths, cases & recoveries, upcoming vaccine information & top headlines related to COVID-19.

    • React
    • Chart.js
    • disease.sh API
    • GNews API
  • Homemade


    Homemade is an e-commerce platform for all homemade goods - from delicious foods to aesthetic artworks! You can search for every homemade thing you crave for, and sell your homemade goods as well.

    • React
    • Firebase
    • Stripe Payments API

Recent Posts

I started my technical blog with the motivation of documenting my learnings as well as sharing bits and pieces of whatever I was learning with the wonderful tech community. I 'm still trying to be more regular in penning down my learnings. Here are some of my recent posts.

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